Portable Solar Panels

Portable Solar Panels

Charge devices directly with our portable solar chargers. These small solar panels fold together to fit in your packaging or bags for a solar charge wherever the track leads.

Smart Solar

Made Easy

From truck beds to backpacks, our foldable solar chargers can be hung, strapped, and packed for ultimate portability. With LED indicators that display strength of solar conditions and give feedback on the speed of charging, it’s never been easier to harness the power of the sun wherever you go

How Solar Works

We took solar power from stationary to portable, from rooftops to backpacks. Powering your phone, headlamp, camera or whatever essential gear is in your kit from the sun is a reality. It’s a little surreal, opening a solar panel, plugging in a phone, and watching as it starts to charge. The science behind solar is powerfully interesting:


+More Power

Mobile Mountable


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